About English Language Patterns

ELPS is an attempt at teaching English through teaching very general patterns one can find in the language.

English language has quiet a few of these patterns in it. The deeper you dig the more of them you find. Some of them are obscure and rarely useful, some you learn in your primary or secondary school.

In general, on ELPS focus is on teaching patterns which are used frequently in the real world conversations and written documents. This website is meant to be a dependable resource. It has been built to provide optimal amount of information, examples and some tools for developing and reviewing your knowledge.

ELPS makes no assumptions on how your learning should progress, where you should start and where you should go next. You choose what and when you need to advance your knowledge of English language. ELPS is a tool designed to help you find what you want and learn it as fast as you can.

If you need to contact us, there is a contact form provided. Feel free to use it.

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