Adjective + of as a dependent preposition pattern

Adjective + of as a dependent preposition pattern

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There exists a group of adjectives which are naturally followed by a preposition. Those prepositions are called dependent prepositions. One of such common dependent prepositions is the of preposition. This article is about adjective + of pattern in which the of preposition occurs as a dependent preposition.

Common adjectives followed by the of preposition

The most common adjectives followed by the of preposition are:

afraid of

ashamed of

aware of

envious of

frightened of

guilty of

fond of

incapable of

jealous of

proud of

sick of

suspicious of

tired of

typical of

unaware of


Some people are afraid of the dark.

Everyone does silly things from time to time, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

The mechanic is aware of the issue with the chassis, but cannot solve it this week.

Trinity is envious of her best friends dark hair.

I am frightened of the quality of political debate in this country.

Two metal detector enthusiasts have just been found guilty of concealing finding an ancient treasure.

I am so fond of this tortilla, it is exceptionally good.

Our team is too small and incapable of making a difference in the industry.

Do not be jealous of her success, she has worked hard for them.

We are so proud of Andy playing tennis at the top level again.

The lady said, that she was sick of waiting for a doctor to see her.

John was suspicious of his students, because of numerous cheating attempts in the past.

The job is hours-long and boring as hell, anyone would be tired of it after a few weeks in.

It is typical of Stefan to have not just one, but two strong coffees in the morning.

The boss seems to be unaware of numerous problems this company is wrestling with now.

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#4 The job is so hard, that I might not doing it much longer.

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