as if + cluase

as if + cluase

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As if + clause pattern is used to express an unreal or alternatively a true situation in the present or in the past.

Meaning of a sentence which utilizes as if + clause pattern depends on the tense the clause is in.

If the clause is in an unreal tense like the past simple or past perfect tense the sentence expresses unreal situation in the present or in the past respectively.

He talks as if he knew the nuts and bolts of the job. (He gives the impression that he knows practical aspects of the job, but he probably does not).

Our bungalow collapsed as if it were a house of cards. (A real building collapsed like one built of cards ).

If the clause is in a real tense like the present simple or the present perfect tense, the pattern expresses a situation which is true.

He behaves as if he is the boss of this company. (It is true that he is the boss of the company and his behaviour indicates that clearly).

Tom sounds as if he has not recovered from the throat infection yet. (Tom's sounds hoarse, which suggests he is still struggling with his throat infection).

As if functions as a conjunction in the pattern and can be substituted for as though.

Example sentences

The senior accountant behaves as if she were not responsible for the error. ( Even though the accountant is responsible for the error he behaves in a way that gives the impression he is not ).

The book looks as if it has not been read for years. (It is true that the book has not been read for years).

She treats her mobile phone as though it were here most precious possession. (She probably has more precious things than here mobile).

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