Exclamatory sentence starting with With

Exclamatory sentence starting with With

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Sometimes it is necessary to express a strong feeling, often by making an exclamation. In English language it is done using the exclamatory sentence. Exclamatory sentences are constructed based on a pattern, which usually begins with "What" or "How" This article explains how to build exclamatory sentences, which start with "What".

General pattern for building exclamatory sentences starting with "What":

What + a/an + adjective + noun! (1)

If the noun in the pattern is singular and countable the adjective is optional and can be omitted:

What + a/an + noun! (2)

If the noun is plural and uncountable a/an part is omitted:

What + adjective + noun! (3)


What + an + expensive + watch! (1)

What + a + congested + roundabout! (1)

What + a + busy + day! (1)

What + a + day! (2)

What + a + story! (2)

What + a + solution! (2)

What + difficult + times! (3)

What + dirty + water! (3)

What + unusual + furniture! (3)

Construction of exclamatory sentences beginning with "How" will be described in a separate article.

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#3 This model of bicycle has been discontinued. shame!

#4 Tommy intently asked a few question he had known I could not answer. person!

#5 Yesterday I accidentally found a buy one get one free on batteries for my laptop. What !

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