Expressing growth and decay in English

Expressing growth and decay in English

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In English, there are several common expressions and phrases related to growth and decay. These expressions often draw upon metaphors from nature, economics, or everyday life to convey concepts of expansion, decline, development, or deterioration. Sometimes they are used metaphorically to describe not only physical growth and decay, but also the development or decline of ideas, relationships, institutions, and societies.

Let's take a look at more useful of them:


  • blossom like a flower,

  • grow like a weed,

  • go from strength to strength,

  • thrive and flourish,

  • rapidly expand,

  • climb the ladder of success,

  • move onward and upward,

  • build momentum,

  • burgeon


  • rot away,

  • fall into disrepair,

  • deteriorate over time,

  • crumble,

  • waste away,

  • fade into oblivion,

  • decline,

  • fall apart at the seams,

  • rust and corrode


Since joining the company, Sarah's career has been blossoming like a flower.

The fintech industry is growing like a weed, with new startups popping up every day.

This abandoned building has been rotting away for decades now.

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#3 After launching a new line of products we have experienced expansion and doubled our revenue.

#4 In the face of economic recession, many businesses are experiencing declining fortunes and struggling to stay .

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