Find + gerund + adjective pattern

Find + gerund + adjective pattern

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One can express a particular feeling or a thought about an activity using a pattern based on find verb followed by a gerund and an adjective:

find + gerund + adjective


A basic expression which is based on find + gerund + adjective pattern looks like the ones below:

to find learning easy,

to find skiing risky,

to find gardening relaxing.

Here are some sentences utilizing find + gerund + adjective pattern:

I find living in a large city stimulating.

Mary finds reading pleasant.

Some people find explaining how stuff works irritating.

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#1 John is over 60 years of age and at night very exhausting now.

#2 Tanya postal stamp collections extraordinarily fascinating.

#3 At first experience many people violin impossibly difficult.

#4 I articles on fashion both difficult and interesting.

#5 Some people by plane extremely stressful.

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