Give + noun + noun

Give + noun + noun

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Give + noun + noun pattern describes performing a particular action. Details of the action are given by the second noun in the pattern. The first noun is often a person, who requested the action, or an inanimate object to perform the action on.

In some cases the first noun in the pattern can be replaced by a gerund followed by a noun.

Please, given me a pull or I will not be able to stand up.

I'm giving playing drums a go this evening.

Jason has given us his word, he can't pull out of the agreement now.

Example sentences

Here are a few more example sentences, which utilize the pattern:

Due to constrained budget we are giving holiday in Portugal a miss this year.

My back is itchy. Please, give it a good rub.

Our Maths teacher is always ready to give us a hand when necessary.

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