if + subject + should

if + subject + should

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If + subject + should pattern is used to describe something that can but is not very likely to happen in the future.

Most often if + subject + should pattern is a part of the if-clause in the first conditional.

If I should see that beautiful butterfly again I'll take a picture of it.

It is possible to substitute verb "happen" for modal verb "should" in the pattern.

If Frank happens to visit us this week, I'll ask him to have a look at my car.

By putting should before the subject one can completely eliminate conjunction "if" from the pattern.

Should someone complain, take them straight to the manager's office!

Example sentences

Should our allies deserted us, we will find new friends somewhere else.

If the new immigration system should fail, there is a plan in place to overhaul it.

If you happen to be in Brighton this week, visit the Royal Pavilon.

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