Noun phrase

Noun phrase

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A noun phrase in English is a pattern of the following form (Optional components of the pattern were put in square brackets):

[Determiner] + [Pre-modifiers] + Noun/Pronoun + [Postmodifiers/Complement]

The determiner is typically an article (the, a or an), a demonstrative (this, that), possessive determiner (hers, mine, his) or a quantifier (few, all, many, a lot).

His careless approach is unacceptable.

Pre-modifires are adjectives (red, timid, busy) or adjective phrases (fairly red, tired of changes).

We need an outstanding floral composition for tomorrow.

The complement is typically a prepositional phrase ( along the road, across the street, on the table) or a relative clause (whose care is outside, who visited yesterday, which I could not comprehend).

The trader whom I spoke to this morning sells foreign currencies and derivatives.

Noun phrases consist of one or more words and function as objects or subjects within sentences.

Example sentences

The new car of my neighbour is parked in front of my house.

Tom's wife, who is a senior doctor, is having a flu.

This cheerful baby has been my greatest joy in life.

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