Quantifier + noun

Quantifier + noun

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Quantifier is a kind of determiner that indicates number or quantity and precedes noun in noun phrase.

Common quantifiers

Common quantifiers include : all, any, both, each, enough, every, a few, few, fewer, a little, little, less, lots of, a lot of, many, more, no, several and some.

Both tasks look doable.

Literally each idea has found some backing among the listeners.

Lots of people have contributed their expertise and time to this book.

Quantifiers versus numerals

Quantifiers are not the same as numerals. Numerals designate specific number (one, five, thirty- three). However, sometimes it is possible to substitute a numeral for a quantifier.

No students passed the exam.

Zero students passed the exam.

Both gymnasts fought to the very end of the competition.

The two gymnasts fought to the very end of the competition.

Quantifiers and singular, plural or uncountable nouns

Quantifiers that can be used with singular nouns (e.g. shoe, wallet, table ) include: each, every and no.

I've found that no shoe has been polished properly.

Quantifiers suitable for plural nouns (e.g. windows, pens, people) are: all, any, both, few, a few, fewer, lots of, a lot of, many, more, no several, some.

Lots of people have visited this place over the last month.

Quantifiers appropriate for uncountable nouns (e.g. water, salt, air) include: all, any, enough, little, a little, less, lots of, a lot of, more, no some.

Enough drinking water has been wasted by us.

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