Saying that you are happy

Saying that you are happy

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English language is rich in expressions describing the state of being happy, being in a good mood, or not having worries etc. . In this entry we shall look at the most popular ones among them.


over the moon - extremely happy or delighted,

on cloud nine - feeling euphoric or elated,

walking on air - feeling very light and happy, as if floating,

in seventh heaven - feeling extremely content or blissful,

happy as a clam - feeling very happy and content,

tickled pink - delighted or pleased,

bursting with joy - feeling so happy that it seems like emotions might overflow,

jumping for joy - experiencing extreme happiness or excitement, often to the point of physically jumping,

grinning from ear to ear - smiling broadly, indicating happiness or joy,

on top of the world - feeling extremely happy and successful,

feeling like a million bucks - feeling extremely good or happy, often related to physical well-being or appearance.

Example sentences

Sarah was over the moon with excitement after receiving the promotion.

Winning the championship left Leicester City players feeling like they were on cloud nine.

Emily felt like she was walking on air when she got accepted into her dream college.

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#1 The couple was heaven on their wedding day.

#2 Seeing his children playing happily in the park made Tom as happy .

#3 Maria was pink when she found out she had won the lottery.

#4 The news of his sister's engagement had Tom joy.

#5 Lily was joy after acting her exams.

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