So that + reason clause

So that + reason clause

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So that + reason clause pattern facilitates explaining a reason behind a decision.

So that is a conjunction in this pattern and it serves as the entry point for reason clause.

Example sentences

People work hard so that they can afford what they need.

Tom changed his job so that he could spend more time with his family and friends.

Emma employed Harry so that he put her garden to rights.

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so that it can be used   so that his feet remain   so that we could see our son   so that they can be   so that he could pay   so that his wife could feel  

#1 We chose to visit Germany this year's Summer who lives in Frankfurt.

#2 Recently Rob purchased a new safety system for home more safe.

#3 We have decided on fitting a new set of lights in this office as a analytical laboratory in the future.

#4 Tom sold his collection of electric guitars a university course fees.

#5 At first, Suzie arranges new application forms in a few groups assessed with dispatch.

#6 Tom uses thick-soled trainers for jogging free from injuries.

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