That + clause

That + clause

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That + clause pattern is used to complement a sentence with extra information.

Word "that" functions as conjunction in the pattern and usually follows one of:

  • a mental state or reporting verb,

  • a reporting noun,

  • a personal feeling or opinion adjective.

Common mental state verbs are: hope, believe, hear, disagree etc.

I hope that you won't mind having a grapefruit instead of your usual orange for breakfast this morning.

Common reporting verbs are: say, tell, mention, insist, confirm etc.

The vet told that there was a good chance our cat would recover withing a few weeks.

Common reporting nouns are: answer, claim, response, threat etc.

The manager's claim that a pay raise could not be justifed was not evidence-based.

Common personal feelings or opinion adjectives are: depressed, confident, merry, realistic etc.

Henry was confident that he would take the pole position.

Example sentences

Here are a few more of sentences which employ that + clause pattern.

I am afraid that I will be late for the dental appointment today.

Tom strongly believes that what goes around comes around.

Your criticism that our efforts had been unconvincing hurt us badly.

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