verb + about + noun

verb + about + noun

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There is a group of verbs in English Language which when followed by preposition about and then noun describe the act of something or someone moving, visiting or spreading around in certain place, town or site.

Common verbs followed by about are: to run, to walk, to get, to mooch, to hang and to travel among others .

In many cases preposition about can be substituted with preposition around in the pattern.

Example sentences

A tiny shaggy dog strayed about the park this afternoon.

When on holiday in Prague John traveled about the city every day.

We will have about 30 minutes to wander about the old town this evening.

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were racing about a small town   hang about this derelict site   mooching about the bus station   got about the town   roamed about his property  

#1 The gossip faster than a plague.

#2 The owner aimlessly.

#3 Two teenagers when a Police officer stopped them.

#4 Usually Tom and his girlfriend in the evenings.

#5 When Tom stumbled upon Luisa.

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