verb + across + noun

verb + across + noun

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Pattern verb + across + noun, with word across acting as a preposition, is often employed to describe a movement.The movement is along shorter axis of the traversed thing.

Example sentences

Here are some examples of this sort of movement:

Tom pulled out a pencil and stroked across the page of paper in front of him.

It took us three minutes to get across the street.

The snake crawled across the floor before escaping from the flat.

Tags:  across ,  describing movement ,  noun ,  preposition ,  verb 

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swim across the river   pushed his empty cup across the table   has run across the finishing line   brought a chair across the room   were fighting their way across the enemy lines  

#1 We had to before we could feel safer.

#2 Jenny and sat down in front of the window.

#3 Our soldiers when a powerful mine exploded.

#4 The marathon is over when the last participant .

#5 He , stood up and left the room.

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