Verb + against + noun

Verb + against + noun

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Verb + against + noun patterns, also in its extended form as: verb + one's + noun + against + noun, is used in a situation where something touches physically something else. Word "against" functions as preposition in this pattern.

Tom leaned against the back of the chair and fell asleep for three hours.

My sister bumped her head against the desk whilst cleaning the floor.

Example sentences

The sofa had to be pushed against the wall before the table could brought inside the room.

The cat put his paws against a tree and stretched.

At some point the baby pushed against her stomach so hard, that she experienced acid reflux.

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leaned against an ancient oak tree   scratch against harder surfaces   bumped against the worktop's corner   hit your head against the roof   Have your feet against the bar  

#1 Robert and closed his eyes.

#2 My sister while leaving the kitchen.

#3 If left unattended, our dog tends to of furniture.

#4 Don't while getting into the car.

#5 in front of you until instructed to take them off.

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