Verb + for as a dependent preposition pattern

Verb + for as a dependent preposition pattern

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There exists a group of verbs which are naturally followed by a preposition. Those prepositions are called dependent prepostions. One of such common dependent prepositions is the for preposition. This article is about verb + for pattern in which the for preposition stands as a dependent preposition.

Verbs followed by the for preposition

The most common verbs followed by the for preposition are ( pronouns in brackets complement the expression ): .

account for (something)

aim for (something)

allow for (something)

apply for (something)

ask for (something)

blame somebody for (something)

call for (something)

care for (something)

excuse (somebody) for (something)

hope for (something)

long for (something)

make for (something)

mistake (somebody) for (somebody)

pay for (somebody)

prepare for (something)

punish (somebody) for (something)

praise (somebody) for (something)

run for (something)

stand for (something)

thank (somebody) for (something)

wait for (something)


Cold weather usually accounts for a drop in economic activity.

Some people aim for the absolute power.

We have to allow for unexpected circumstances that might be beyond our control.

There is not enough time to apply for a new passport this month.

If you do not ask for information you will not know.

Blame someone else for this mess, she has nothing to do with it.

He is a person who has been calling for total disarmement for years.

If you do not care forpennies, pounds will not take care of themselves either.

It took Ann weeks to excuse Tom for calling her a hausefrau.

I hope for a better weather and more of the sun tomorrow.

Sometimes you long for a thing that you know you will never get.

Improved public services have made for a lot of positive changes in our community.

Tom and Mark are twins, it is very easy to mistake one for the other.

You need to pay for the flat before the end of month.

There is too little time to prepare for my exams.

If you do not abide by the rules you are likely to be punished for it.

Andrew praised his son for good grades at school.

Even though Kate is not qualified, she is planning to run for Brighton mayor.

What does NBA stand for?

A lot of people have thanked Tom for his work for our town.

I have been waiting for my train for nearly 30 minutes now.

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#2 The police Andreas for the accident, he should have been more careful while driving.

#3 Our neighbour Beth keeps on me for my brother.

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