Verb + from as a dependent preposition pattern

Verb + from as a dependent preposition pattern

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There exists a group of verbs which are naturally followed by a preposition. Those prepositions are called dependent prepositions. One of such common dependent prepositions is the from preposition. This article is about verb + from pattern in which the from preposition stands as a dependent preposition.

Verbs followed by the from preposition

The most common verbs followed by the from preposition are ( pronouns in brackets complement the expression ): .

abstain from (something)

borrow (something) from (somebody)

come from (somewhere)

derive from (something)

drop from (something)

free from (something)

graduate from (something)

gain from (something)

prevent from (something)

proceed from (something)

result from (something)

save (somebody) from (something)

stem from (something)

suffer from (something)

spring from (something)


My family knows that I'm not going to abstain from riding my motorcycle.

According to the label these mangoes come from Philippines.

Lots of expressions used in this book derive from Latin.

Your pen has just dropped from the table.

There are too many European countries which are still not free from measles!

I plan to look for a job as soon as I graduate from university.

The bosses have gained the most from the recent takeover of our company.

Mistakes often result from lack of experience.

This system is designed to prevent from collision in the car park.

The conceded goal proceeded from a mistake by our defenders.

127 endangered species of animals were saved from extinction across the world last year.

The idea of visiting Lisbon next weekend stemmed from lack of affordable flights to Madrid.

Becky has been suffering from

A lot of behaviors one sees in children spring from their insatiable curiosity.

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