verb + one's way + preposition + noun

verb + one's way + preposition + noun

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Verb + one's way + preposition + noun pattern often serves as means of describing a method of scrapping through or moving into / out of / to something in a particular manner.

Example sentences

Here are some examples:

For the last 20 years John has worked his way to a better career in media.

Tim was relentless at working his way to the top of this company.

We had to fight our way through a crowd of football fans before alighting from the train.

He talked his way into our group just to leave it after the first argument.

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make their way into the bloodstream   ate his way through two bowls of soup   has been working his way to the end   made her way to the checkout   made our way home   talked my way out of doing washing-up  

#1 After receiving information from a customer assistant Ann .

#2 We soon after Jenny received the messaged.

#3 He can't see that yet but he of his friendship with Fiona.

#4 All those noxious particles and could cause cancer eventually.

#5 Tom before getting the main meal today.

#6 Suzie is angry with me now because I this morning.

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