where clause

where clause

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Where Clause is a pattern which facilitates adding, modifying or extending location part of sentence.

More often than not, 'where clause' is placed behind a noun in the main sentence.

Word 'where' is used to introduce extra piece of information on location in the main sentence.

Example sentences

London, where Sherlock Holmes Museum is located, is one of the most widely known cities in Europe.

Paris, where major sports competitions take place every year, is a great place for fans to visit.

Russia, where 10% of world's arable land is located, is famous for its cold winters.

Mountains in the south of this country, where the flow of warm masses of air from the Indian Ocean is obstructed, are ones of the oldest in Europe.

Greek beach where I've met Samantha owes its pink colour to crushed red shells of a tiny oyster species.

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